Intake Meeting

Once you have decided you are interested in participating in The Next Step Prep, you will contact us and we will schedule an intake meeting. We will send a confirmation email of the date and time of the intake meeting along with a form for the student to complete independently and the parent/guardian to complete independently. The intake forms cover goals in a variety of areas pertaining to your Next Step as well as other pertinent information. The students and/or their parents/guardians will meet with the staff to discuss these goals and their expectations of the program. The most appropriate program will be mapped out and discussed in detail. If all are in agreement, a contract will be signed and payment will be submitted at this time. Then a mentor will be assigned.

Cost: Included with the program cost OR $50 if you decide not to sign up for one of the programs.

Program Details

Staff and students will be discussing the creation of personal goals in the areas of Independent Living, Employment, Post-Secondary Education, and Recreation and Leisure and determine a means to meet those goals, as well as how to problem solve specific college level issues i.e. how to talk to professors, roommates, advisors, meeting deadlines, laundry etc. Students will meet in a group. We will cover a specified topic for an hour. Following the group meeting, the student and mentor will determine a time to meet on an individual basis later in the week. Students will discuss with their parents/guardians strategies to define and meet their goals. $1,675

Additional Extended Service

Students have the option to register for our extended service which allows them access to their mentor for the first nine weeks of their first semester of college or in their job. The mentor will check in with the student once a week for nine weeks to discuss how things are going and working through problem solving current issues, talking through past issues and how to handle them differently in order to gain a different response in the future. $450