maggie jashinsky

Maggie is a Speech Language Pathologist who is in her eighth year working in the public school system with students who have a variety of needs. During this time, she identified a need to create a specialized class targeting specific social skills for high school students. This in turn led to a realization that these students would benefit from continued guidance beyond high school – The Next Step of their lives. Maggie’s passion and dedication for these students steered her toward the creation of The Next Step Prep. She has been asked to create and teach a class using a version of The Next Step Prep curriculum at ACC through the STEPS program titled Getting Ready for College, which will begin October 2017. 


brian silverman

Brian is a Secondary Special Education Teacher with 9 years of experience in the public schools working with students with a variety needs. His passion to improve the lives of students is evident to all who work with Brian. He is looking forward to bringing this passion to help The Next Step Prep students become prepared for independence as they venture onto college and/or the work force and all the social requirements that brings with it.


monica massey

Monica is a Secondary Special Education Teacher with 12 years of experience working with a variety of students. She is currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders to become a Speech Language Pathologist. She has a unique understanding of students’ needs and a passion for setting students up with strategies to be successful in The Next Step of their lives.